VCU Nursing researchers publish updated perinatal mental health screening tool

EPDS-US available for further validation and use

How we talk about perinatal mental health matters, even in the minute details of words on screening forms. Any shifts towards removing barriers to screening, reducing stigma, encouraging disclosures, raising awareness related to symptom prevalence and the breadth symptom related experiences, and creating opportunities for connecting with support and care are essential.

In the EPDS-US, we have adapted the wording of the original Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale (EPDS), using a respectful care and trauma-informed approach with a focus on optimizing patient experiences and clinical utility while maintaining reliability and validity of the 10 item scale. Many individuals report feelings of confusion, shame, embarrassment or stigma relating to screenings. These changes were designed to be supportive, clear and respectful.

Further, we provide an accompanying connection and decision-aid, the PMH Connect, to be provided with every screening. Provide this with each screening as method to provide a person-centered support to promote self-empowerment and shared clinical decision making.

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